Private Yoga Retreats for Women in Kawartha Lakes Ontario with Ally Boothroyd 

Sarovara Yoga Provides Customizable, Affordable One Day Retreats for you and your loved ones!

Recharge every layer of your Self. Connect with nature. Feel renewed.

Meet Your Retreat Curator...

"Ally has this crazy, amazing light to her that radiates everywhere she goes and people are drawn to that light. She brings that to her teaching with constant compassion, empathy and care for each person and what they are going through. She listens. Her knowledge is extensive and you can see that both in her teaching and the way that she applies it to her every day life. She is a gifted teacher and she has a nurturing and positive impact on each person that is lucky enough to attend a retreat with her and her team"

One Day Yoga Retreats for Women We invite you to escape to the Kawarthas.... 

This is an invitation to an experience that is curated for both new and dedicated yoginis, nature lovers, meditation enthusiasts, mothers, aunts, sisters, beloved friends and conscious women of all ages.  

We invite you to join us in the serene natural beauty of the Kawartha's and the tranquil, peaceful space that is Sarovara Yoga Studio & One Day Retreat Centre.  

We are so excited to offer you this rare opportunity to curate your very own retreat day with your loved ones. A time to dive deep into personal sadhana (practice) and sangha (community), to recharge every kosha (layer of your self).  

Our lead teacher and retreat director, Ally offers creative, flowing, kripalu-style yoga that recharges the whole self. With emphasis on the deeper practices of yoga. Her classes inspire a connection to the wisdom of prana (life force) and a deep honouring of experience of the present moment and the gift of life itself. 

Rooted in her Kripalu lineage, this day-long soulful journey is a groundbreaking immersion for the modern day woman with mornig yoga, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, connection with nature, earth & healing waters. 

Our team would be honoured if you would join us for a day on the shores of Pigeon Lake, Bobcaygeon Ontario....  

What will the experience be like? Let us paint the picture...  

The Experience 

One day on the shores of our secluded bay on Pigeon Lake, Bobcaygeon....

Yoga with Ally Boothroyd

Each retreat can be customized to your needs! Mornings could include a 2 hour long sadhana including a wakeful flowing asana sequence, potent pranayama and guided meditation. In the afternoon (or evening) you could chose between restorative yoga, aerial yoga, SUP Yoga, aromatherapy yoga with reiki healing touch by Lisa or lengthy yoga nidras to rejuvenate all levels of your being. Total Bliss. 

Workshop with Ally & Lisa  

We love guiding workshops at these one day retreats. Together we learn about self care, wellness, wild crafting and creating our own ahbyanga oils, body butters, moon baths, smudge sticks, elixers, facial masks, and more! We can also create a meditation or mantra workshop. A workshop on Ayurveda. There are so many options! 

High Vitality Food  

 Ally & Lisa will serve up whole food/ plant based meals for lunch or dinner (depending on the timing of your retreat) Our meals will be deeply infused with prana. Vitality. So nourishing. So healing. The food will be the plant based, whole foods, seasonal and home made! Be prepared to feel incredible, energized and full of life!

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Not only an amazing yoga teacher but an amazing hostess as well! If you get an opportunity to attend a day retreat I highly recommend it! So much gratitude to Ally for a fantastic day of revitalizing, restoring and unwinding! so much fun!  

- Courtney, 2017 Retreat Guest -

More about your hosts....

About Ally Boothroyd

Ally Boothroyd is a yoga educator and meditation teacher with a passion for yoga nidra and the healing power of conscious rest. Over the years, she has helped hundreds of people to calm, balance and restore their nervous systems. She teaches tools for reversing exhaustion, stress and anxiety. She helps people manage feelings of overwhelm and reconnect to their sensitive biorhythms and the natural world.  

She is the founder of Sarovara Yoga, a yoga space and women's retreat centre in Ontario, Canada. A sanctuary on the water where she fosters local community and supports health, personal growth, emotional resiliancy, authenticity, awareness, and awakening.  

Ally is dedicated to inspiring depth, creativity, and joy by sharing the most potent tools from a variety of yogic traditions. She brings an openhearted, inclusive view to her teachings, which are a rich blend of Kripalu Yoga along with Classical Hatha Tantra, Yoga Psychology, Yoga Nidra, Integrative Restoration, Amrita Living Yoga, Energy Medicine, and Ancient Avalonion Priestess Ritual & Ceremony.  

Curating one day retreats is Ally's absolute favourite thing to do!

Ally has this crazy, amazing light to her that radiates everywhere she goes and people are drawn to that light. She brings that to her teaching with constant compassion, empathy and care for each person and what they are going through. She listens. Her knowledge is extensive and you can see that both in her teaching and the way that she applies it to her every day life. She is such a gift.  

- Kate, 2016 Retreat Guest -

About Lisa Diem

Lisa is the founder of Fenelon Yoga. She graduated from Ally's Yoga Teacher Training (Amrita Living Yoga) in 2017. They have a deep friendship and love partnering to offer yoga retreats together. Lisa offers gentle Hatha Yoga with Meditation and Pranayama. 

Lisa's motto is Yoga is for everyone. Beginners take comfort in her classes as she provides such a warm, welcoming and loving environment to begin a new journey. 

Her light-hearted way of being and her love of yoga, life, fun and nature shines through in each encouter with Lisa. She believes yoga can change our lives on and off the mat. 

Lisa's interests include Physical & Energetic Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, Traditions and Wisdom teachings, Meditation, Energy Healing, Crystals, Essential Oils and Herbs. She is also certified Reiki first degree. 

Curating retreats with Ally brings her so much joy and fulfillmet. It's a dream come true! 

I love retreat days and Ally's space (indoor/outdoor/on the water). I always feel more connected and balanced when I leave and Ally and all of the ladies that teach and assist out of the studio are lovely  

- Julia Taylor, 2018 Retreat Guest -

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What people are saying about their expereince... 

“I’ve known about Ally for years and years and have always heard such wonderful things about her and they are all true! I feel that she has a great deal of wisdom and her transparent approach and sharing her truth and experiences, the way she offers this to us make the learning experience so much more accessible.”  

- Lyndelle  

“We attended a yoga retreat this past weekend with Ally. It was amazing! Our group had broad age range and skill level but everyone was fully engaged and enjoyed every minute of it. I can’t say enough about Ally. She is so positive, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Thanks Ally for a great retreat. Can’t wait to do it again!"  

- Ginny Carson

“What I love about Ally is her realness and her transparency in her practice. She’s refreshingly truthful about her whole experience with yoga and her journey and her struggles with anxiety and mental health. It’s really helpful to see that yoga is really transformative and that it can shift the whole trajectory of someone’s life." 

- Shadae