All of my favourite resources to uplift and inspire you this spring season! 

The Course is Currently Live and is meant to support you right from the Spring Equinox all the way through to June. The Yoga Practices can be done repeatedly for a cumulative effect over the coming months.

Join the Spring Equinox Awakening!

All of the flowers of all of the tomorrows are in the seeds of today."

- Unknown -

Can you relate to the following?

As we approach the Spring Equinox and our days get lighter, it can feel like the winter is kind of dragging along. Sometimes this can leave us feeling lethargic, uninspired, unmotivated or even experiencing a bit of seasonal affective disorder or a touch of depression.

Did you know that SPRING TIME is a much better time of the year to make goals, start new projects, fitness programs and plant seeds of intention than January 1st? It's completely aligned with the flow of the seasons. This is one of the reasons that people have a hard time keeping to their "New Year's Resolutions" in the depths of January as it is still a time of deep rest in the natural cycle of the year. We're not meant to add a whole bunch of new goals and aspirations in the darkest season of the year, it's so counter-intuitive. Spring, however, is the perfect time to plant seeds, begin trying new things, getting inspired and uplifted as the light begins to come back to the Northern Hemisphere! 

Each year, so many of you reach out to me to tell me about how you're feeling down in the dumps, or "so over winter" or just don't FEEL like doing life! I've had countless individuals in the community during this time of year and ask me for resources and ways to get excited, inspired, motivated, out of that winter blues rut that we sometimes find ourselves in. 

The message is loud and clear: and I'm putting together all of my most powerful practices for spring time, cough & flu season, viral support and uplifting and inspiring practices from the wisdom of yoga, Ayurveda and so much more 

What you'll receive 

My all-time most supportive resources for Spring Season & Viral Support that you will have access to for all of time! 


These 20-60 minute yoga practices will integrate breath and encourage "meditation in motion" that will nourish mind, body & soul. 6 in depth videos to support you at your own pace and to come back to for time and time again.

"The body benifets from movement" 


Meditation & Mindfulness practices can support you with planting seeds of intention, getting "lit up" about new projects, getting clear on your goals and also finding much needed stillness within all the movement of the mind.

"The mind benefits from stillness"


I am excited to share some of my favourite recipes and Ayurvedic lifestyle tips to support the uplifting energy of the season of spring time, the detoxifying process that is encouraged at this time of year PLUS all of my favourite natural viral-support remedies.

"Eating well is a form of self respect"

About Your Guide

Ally Boothroyd is a yoga educator and meditation teacher with a passion for yoga nidra and the healing power of conscious rest. Over the years, she has helped hundreds of people to calm, balance and restore their nervous systems. She teaches tools for reversing exhaustion, stress and overwhelm and helps people reconnect to their sensitive biorhythms and the natural world. She is the founder of Sarovara Yoga, a yoga space and women's retreat centre in Ontario, Canada. A sanctuary on the water where she fosters local community and supports health, personal growth, emotional resiliancy, authenticity, awareness, and awakening. Ally is dedicated to inspiring depth, creativity, and joy by sharing the most potent tools from a variety of yogic traditions. She brings an openhearted, inclusive view to her teachings, which are a rich blend of Kripalu Yoga along with Classical Hatha Tantra, Yoga Psychology, Yoga Nidra, Integrative Restoration, Amrita Living Yoga & Energy Medicine. Ally's path has been one of healing and relief from anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia through the ancient science of yoga. She believes that we must have a vareity of tools that sooth and unwind the nervous system which is the foundation of the body’s well-being. Her life's work is to help people to connect to, restore and renew all levels of their being.

Join the Spring Equinox Awakening!